Catagonia offers luxury boarding, exclusively for cats.  We enable cat parent's peace of mind by providing the highest standard of overnight pet care in the industry.  We are cat care, re-imagined.   


Since Catagonia opened in November 2016, we've expanded our services to include in-home behavior consultation by a Fear Free Certified professional, full service grooming, as well as a retail area with cat beds, toys, supplements, grooming tools, and naturally... the city's largest selection of catnip!  As the company grows, we plan to expand our inventory of retail items to include cat-themed gifts for humans, handcrafted cat trees, cat shelves, bridges, and hammocks and even home catio design consultation. We're also priming the company for its first opportunity to franchise.  


Our Roots


Hello Hello! I'm Shannan, the owner and founder of Catagonia. I had long dreamt of opening this business after seeing the need for it in every city I lived in during my time on active duty in the Air Force. After serving 8 years, I transitioned to the reserves in 2016 to make my goal to achieve more freedom and creativity in my career a reality. Come to find out during market research... there are actually more cat owners in Colorado Springs than there are dog owners. Who knew? Hopefully the team and I get to meet yours. Speaking of the staff, I want to shout out to every single member of The Catagonia Team. This place would be nothing if not for them. They're amazing and I am impressed with their dedication and care for the cats every single day. 


It is not lost on me that I never could've built Catagonia without my Dad, so I'd like to give him a quick shout-out too. I'm grateful every day for his personal sacrifice and selfless dedication for carrying me through to the finish line on the buildout. He was my trusted sounding board and design consultant while we built every piece of furniture in my garage. We made an ungodly amount of sawdust in 2016, which I can now say was so much fun (now that it's over!). His one and only request was that I fly the American flag that once flew on our old rickety ski boat I learned to slalom on somewhere in Catagonia, so I do. We finished the buildout, he went back to Boise, and our very first cats, Bentley, Wellington and Tilley, checked in November of 2016. "Thank you Dad" doesn't even come close. 





I rescued Zig and Zoe in 2010 from the tiny animal shelter on Misawa Air Base where I was stationed in Japan. They were just three years old at the time, a bonded pair of tuxedo litter mates, curious, funky tailed, pink-nosed and both definitely dressed for the occasion. Much of my time on active duty was spent away, either deployed, TDY, training, or at a course for XYZ... and it made the absence of quality boarding for cats all too obvious. I hated burdening my friends, and constantly worried about them escaping their houses (and they did, more than once). Boarding was the alternative to asking a friend to help, but was I going to put Zig and Zoe in wire cages for weeks? No way. Nothing was good enough for my Zig and Zoe, so I hurled myself into debt and built something that was. Designing the logo was fun. I knew I wanted my sweet Zoe girl to be in it because she was my favorite cat of all time. She was my little healing cat. Always by my side when I needed her the most, so loyal and sweet in a way that I'd never experienced with any other cat. If you look close at the cat in our logo, you'll see her little hooked periscope tail. Her memory and my indescribable love for her will carry on in spirit, as she suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from what turned out to be oral cancer on Superbowl Sunday 2019... My heart is not whole, but she'll always be a part of Catagonia's story. 

Interested in joining our team?

***Updated May 2020*** During these unprecedented times, we do not have immediate job openings. If you're interested in submitting an application to be kept on file, please see the following instructions:


If you are a qualified candidate that has compassion for all animals, is not afraid to get your hands dirty, and can provide customer service second to none, complete the attached application and either send it to shannan@catagoniacathotel.com (that's with an A, not an O) with a cover letter, or give it to Shannan in person at the Hotel.  


Job Application
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Catology LLC

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Pick-up and drop off hours by appointment only:



7 DAYS A WEEK:   8am - 10am &  5pm-7pm


Mid-day boarding and grooming appointments are available with prior coordination, Mon-Fri only. Please email or call to schedule. We appreciate your understanding!